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Our Services

Our Services


Bat Speed Training

We use an overload/underload 10 week program to increase Bat Speed, Exit Velocity, Avg EV and Max Distance. Over the past 8 years we have found great success with this program with players adding on average 3mph to their Exit Velos and as high as 9mph. All progress is tracked thru Rapsodo.


Pitch Recognition

To aid our players in their quest to become complete hitters, we train pitch recognition for 10-15min each session thru the GameSense app. This allows players to see real pitches and get instant feedback. We also add cage drills to their routine to further enhance our skills.


Remote Training

For those players who can't get to our HPL Facility we do offer remote training for our Bat Speed program and for swing mechanics. Players receive a weekly workout plan for the bat speed program. Players may also send in game/practice videos to be analyzed and the prescribed drills to work on any mechanical deficiencies in swing. 


Cage Rentals

Don't have anywhere to train or need a place to hit on a rainy day? We do offer cage rentals at select times for individuals, small groups and teams. 


Rapsodo Data Collection/Assessment

For players who train weekly with us we collect their hitting data thru Rapsodo and all their workout stats are uploaded daily so they can track progress. We do offer Rapsodo Assessments for players not training at our facility. An assessment consists of 75 swings using Tee, Front Toss drills and BP. 


Live At-Bats

Throughout the year we offer Live ABs to hitters who train with us. Our partner, PPL, trains some of the top pitchers in the state at multiple age groups so hitters can be matched up against a pitcher of similar age and skill level. 

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